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Jh Nails

Is a company dedicated to the sale and distribution of products for finger and toe nail care and beautification. The brand, Jh Nails, is already present in several countries such as USA, Aruba, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Spain, Panama, Peru, Suriname and Venezuela.

Learn with us

Jh Nails organizes a monthly series of workshops and courses in the above mentioned countries. The objective being that of "Training people to turn a skill into a lifestyle and a business". All this through four (4) certifications:

No. 1

Technical Certification
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No. 2

Certification in 3D
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No. 3

Certification in Brushstrokes
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No. 4

Certification in Advanced Structure
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Once you have obtained all the certifications and successfully passed all the sub-modules, you can receive the title of "Master Educator" and become an authorized representative of the JH Brand to dictate courses, certifications, product sales and get involved in the training of new Technicians and Masters.

We are you best partner

Together with us, you can be the owner of your own company, either as Master Educator, as Authorized Distributor or both.