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Hemodialysis services

Hemodialysis, also spelled haemodialysis, or simply dialysis, is a process of purifying the blood of a person whose kidneys are not working normally.

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integra dialysis center

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Nail Art Gel

Also known as Gel paint, it is an art Gel for designing. It has its liner for ease of application. It does not have an inhibition layer. High level of pigmentation.

Drills JH Nails
Brushes JH Nails


Just like any other of our products or accessories, our brushes are made of the best materials, always taking into account that they are the tools that actually create the magic.


We offer a powerful drilling machine with the optimal rotational speed and suitable for different bit heads. Our resistant drill will help you make it better in the mechanical work, saving time and effort. It can be used to shape and buff the nails as well as to remove dead skins and cut cuticles, or remove calluses and ingrown nails.

Drills JH Nails
Drill Bits JH Nails

Drill Bits

Our drill heads or bits come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They allow you to perform various manicuring and pedicuring tasks without effort.


Our files will work their way to the completion of wonderful work, while still pampering your nails the way it should be.

Files JH Nails
Buffers JH Nails


Our gradient nail soft sponges are made of high-quality material and the can be safely used to isolate fingers and toes and perform a better job. Cut in angles to allow different accesses for an ergonomic feel.

Tool Set Case

Our colorful tool sets are made of top quality fabric, have a extreme hardness and look super cute. This actually portable and protective case makes each tool well-protected from dust, water and remaining polish. Multiple compartments. Its small size and light weight make it convenient to carry, great for travel and daily life. This is a perfect holiday gift or daily surprise gift to your family and friends.

Tool Set JH Nails

The total well-being of each and every patient is always the main concern of our highly skilled and dedicated staff.

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