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Nail System

Nail System JH

In a colorful and competitive world as ours, we have to stay competitive and the nail services and nail applications must scream gorgeous from the get-go in the most stunning way. Fortunately, we offer that  "stunning" factor through the best quality color acrylic powders.


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Hemodialysis, also spelled haemodialysis, or simply dialysis, is a process of purifying the blood of a person whose kidneys are not working normally.

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Basic Acrylics JH

Basic Acrylics

Stash this collection of base powders so you can have the a-z of underlying shades to sculpt on.


Either brought from the archives or newly-minted creations, our collections offer a full panorama of today’s manicure and pedicure. All corners are covered giving space to accommodate the bold, the furious, the nostalgic, the vintage, the fruity and the femme-fatale style for every occasion.

Collections JH


The world of nail art has been moving swiftly. What 10 years ago took ages to achieve, is only a matter of minutes in the making and this is especially true with nail effects, a technique that is more in fashion than ever. They are a standout feature that encapsulates any effect of your choosing giving adding up authenticity and more professionalism to your work.


Builder Gel JH Nails

Builder Gel

Creamy thicker consistency, thick and stable. Made of high quality materials to ensure smooth, flawless builds. Compared with normal gel, this item is more convenient to file its shape.

Acryl Gel

ACRY Gel is a nail building formula that combines the best of acrylic nail building systems with the best of gel systems, with an innovative and revolutionary result. In this way, Acry Gel offers light, strong and flexible nails. No monomers, no mixtures, no ratios, no odor!

Glitter JH
Chrome Effects JH

Chrome Effects

Pastel and deep colors have lost they “favorite” place as chrome manicures have captivated the audience more and more for years. This futuristic nail finish is here to stay, no doubt. And our highly-pigmented chrome finishes are applied following a rigorous standard thus providing the mirror-like effect with durability for days! It’s exactly opposite of the once dominating matte manicure. Welcome to chrome world.

Flake Effects

Dare to wear fun, bold and flakie nails using our high-quality nail art flakes. You have many to choose from.

Flake Effects JH
Builder Gel JH


It shimmers like a California sunset, so the song says. These minimal
sequins can serve as miniature sunsets or beautiful ornaments showing
different colors under the light. A fun and easy nail decoration that will give
you a unique look.

The total well-being of each and every patient is always the main concern of our highly skilled and dedicated staff.

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